Hibi Rock


2017.8.13 (Sun)


22:00 ON AIR
  • Director | Irie Yu
  • Runtime |
  • Cast | Nomura Shuhei, NikaidoFumi, Okanoto Keisuke, MaenoTomoya, Ochioi Motoki
  • Awards |

Since his school days, Hibinuma Takuro (Nomura Shuhei) knew that he was good at only one thing: rocking out on stage. Takuro’s passion for music brings him to Tokyo, where he and his bandmates struggle to make a living at an underground music club. One day, he has a life-changing encounter with Utagawa Saki (Nikaido Fumi), a widely beloved pop star with a fiery temper. Known for his “Saitama Rappers” trilogy, indie director Irie Yu offers another heartfelt love letter to musicians everywhere with this uproarious comedy based on Enokiya Katsumasa’s popular manga. Barreling forward like a freight train fueled by energy drinks and caffeine, Hibi Rock: Ouke Aero And The Pop Star is a joyous shot of adrenaline for music fans.