Miss Zombie


2017.7.22 (Sat)


00:03 ON AIR
  • Director | Sabu (a.k.a. Tanaka Hiroyuki)
  • Runtime |
  • Cast | Makoto Togashi, Ayaka Komatsu, Toru Tezuka
  • Awards |

Imagine a zombie film in which the human characters are bigger monsters than the zombie. The latest film from director SABU (Bunny Drop, Postman Blues) is a gritty, black-and-white horror drama set in a world in which zombies can be sold as commodities. One day, one of these zombies, a scarred shell of a beautiful woman named Sara (Komatsu Ayaka), is delivered to the Teramoto family. Working as a maid, Sara is ultimately exploited as a sex tool for the father and becomes the target of the mother’s scorn. SABU offers a refreshing twist to a familiar genre, making his zombie the most sympathetic character in this disturbing and surprisingly touching film.