MOViE MOViE 新戲院˙新戲象 @太古城中心!

For the past five years, MOViE MOViE has taken you on a cinematic journey, bringing countless films, from award-winning favourites to arthouse gems and restored classics, to your home on our international movie channel. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we have ventured into Cityplaza, to embark on a new cinema revolution. MOViE MOViE Cityplaza is the first lifestyle-driven cinema in Hong Kong, as well as the first exhibitor anywhere in Asia to adopt 4K laser projection with Barco Flagship 4K laser 40LHC. Together with a one-of- a-kind art space, and hosting a series of special cultural events, you are free to explore not only movies, but also art and culture, and everything beautiful in between. Your cinematic journey with us will exceed all expectations and stretch the limits of your imagination. From now on, light and shadow have no boundaries, at cinemas, in homes, anytime, anywhere, we live movies.