Kedi (MOViE MOViE Happy Together) @MOViE MOViE

ATTENTION PLEASE! ALL NINE-TO-FIVE SKIVERS! <br><br>Whether you are working nine-to-five or skiving all the time, lunchtimes and off-hours are the only happy hours of the day. Starting from May, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza presents Lunchbox Cinema and Happy Hour Cinema as your perfect getaway. Come chill out at the cinema, and everything will be okay!<br><br>See the ancient city of Istanbul through the eyes of street cats in the acclaimed documentary Kedi, which simply means “cats” in Turkish. With its serene close-ups, crisp cinematography and attentive tailing of its captivating subjects – from Sari the ginger hustler to Deniz the social butterfly to Psikopat the alpha psycho – the documentary is not only a visual delight for cat lovers, but also a delicate study of the special relationship between a modern metropolis and its hundreds of thousands of stray cats. Sharing stories by locals who watch over the cats, Kedi pays loving tribute to Istanbul’s long-standing affection for its feral feline residents that wander the streets and heal the community.